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***In order to respect the COVID-19 security measures and to facilitate the integration of international students, ICN Business School provides either face-to-face classes on our campuses or remote classes thanks to online solutions. All courses will be available in direct or deferred streaming. You will be able to integrate our school at the most convenient time in terms of sanitary conditions*** 

Progression in all 2020/2021 rankings!



MSc in International Business Development

MSc in Luxury and Design Management

MSc in International Management - MIEX

MSc Digital Management

Meet us!


Date Events
2021.26.11 Meet us in Morocco and Tunisia for Study in Europe virtual fair
2021.11.10 Rencontre nous au MEXIQUE pour le salon Europosgrados avec Campus France
2021.11.07 Meet us in INDIA for Begin fair in Mumbai
2021.11.06 Meet us in India for Begin fair in Bangalore
2021.11.06 Meet us in India for Begin fair in New Delhi
2021.11.06-07 Viens nous rencontrer en CHINE pour le salon Campus France à Canton & Shangai
2021.11.06 Meet us in EGYPT at Choose France 2021 Student Fair
2021.10.28-29 Viens nous e-rencontrer au LUXEMBOURG pour la Foire de l’√©tudiant
2021.10.27-05  Viens nous rencontrer en AFRIQUE pour le salon Campus France au Benin,Togo et Ghana
2021.10.26-30 Meet us in POLAND for Baltic Council Fair in Cracow & Warsaw
2021.10.22-23 Meet us in AFRICA for the Tchad fair with Campus France
2021.10.23-24 Meet us in CHINA at Campus France fair in Chengdu & Wuhan
2021.10.15 Meet us at the webconference “Estudiar Business & Management en Francia”
2021.10.09-10  Meet us at the webconference in Vietnam РICN Business School & Campus France Vietnam
2021.10.07-10  Meet us at Baltic Council Fair in Tallin, Riga and Vilnius
2021.10.2-5 Meet us in RUSSIA for Begin Fairs in Moscou, St Petersbourg and Yekaterinburg